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Benchmade Ti Pika II Titanium Scale Knife Review


Slick Looking EDC Choice by Benchmade

Benchmade Ti Pika IIAt first we were a bit skeptical when it came to the titanium scales on the Ti Pika II. The knife seemed perhaps too smooth for safe use outside of simple tasks. After some experimenting and toying with grips and cutting, the smooth scales did not have a negative impact on use. The jimping for the thumb extends well back onto the lock back assembly. The handle is large enough to allow for a full hand grip. No dangling pinkies. Still, much caution is advised for plunge cuts. Despite being thin, it still feels substantial in the hand. We believe that might be because the handle, though titanium, does not feel lightweight (no problem for us, knives do not need to be ultra light). Overall, the knife is very tight and feels strong.


Benchmade's Ti Pika II has a clip point blade of 9Cr13 stainless steel. The blade is fully manual with a good-sized thumb hole. We would not call the blade a superfast deployer, but reasonably adequate. The version we reviewed is a combo, with normal edge and serrations. The serrations do not have the bite that one might find on a SOG Aegis, and performed moderately well on rope cuts. The factory edge on the fore blade is killer. It tore through rope, and did a clean cut on a tomato. When using through a block of cheese, no drag and the cut was straight (shown in the coming video).


Benchmade Ti Pika II


EDC - Every Day Carry

The Ti Pika II pocket clip is able to satisfy right or left handed users, but remains tip up. Not our preference because of possible snagging. Although, the blade is secure and needs more than a slight tug to become exposed. We could see this as a great EDC folder, and useful but limited for wilderness.