Knives and Blades

Blades, Knives, and Sheaths


The one thing that we noticed when looking over our gear, especially knives, was that there is no one type of blade that we prefer. Folders in multi-blade, lockback, and tactical are represented. Fixed blades from hunting to survival and bushcraft are part of our systems. We will be adding new reviews, images, and video on an ongoing basis. The various blades can be found in the drop down mega-menu as well as in the left sidebar navigation.

The usframe crew takes a look at some older blades

Anything old is usually cool, and especially when it comes to knives and other blade bearing tools.
Ah, forget the talking, let's see some stuff!


First, let's take a look at an old machete. This machete was produced by COLLINS & CO, USA. Distributed for wartime use, this is a heavy bladed, wooden handled piece.

In this video, an old knife gets new digs. We had an old Ka-bar in need of some new leather, as we determined the original sheath to be past revitalizing.



Some older handmade knives and sheaths get some air time


Bushcraft Knives

hobbexp, of the Swedish Bushcraft channel fashions a bushcraft knife in the field.