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SOG Aegis Tanto Folding Knife Review


More Safety Featured with This Blade

SOG offers a solid folder in the Aegis. This particular model has a Tanto style blade with serrations. We will get right to the negatives in our opinion so that the positives can be enjoyed. No reversible clip, and buttons used for safety and closing controls. On occasion one might hear of a a knife opening unwanted, but we feel that a safety is not needed. Liner locks have become popular and as with all handling of blades, caution is advised. The Aegis has a side switch release to fold the blade which seems/feels to add more than is necessary. Simpler is better in our view.


SOG Aegis close up

The Tanto shape is sleek. The serrations arrive extremely sharp from the factory and stay sharp. Thumb grip is optimum with the jimping on the Aegis.


SOG Aegis blade view

The Aegis' half serrated blade is 3 1/2" and 8 1/4" when fully opened.


SOG Aegis handle

Zytel scales with DigiGrip scales provide the user with a good grip.


Watch the video to see more on the SOG Aegis knife and some rope cutting demos. The serrated blade is compared to a straight blade for some cutting comparisons.