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Remington 870 Home Defense Safety Review


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Interior Wall Penetration Test Review with Remington 870

We often hear, read, and see that shotguns are used for home defense. The discussion ineveitably leads to which shot should be used. Because of some reports and conversations that we saw, we knew it was time to do some field work. What we were hearing was that birdshot was "safe." That it really would not hurt people or damage the home if used to thwart would be trespassers. A bit scary that is. By no means should any shot be taken lightly, especially at close range. For the purposes of these exhibitions, the usframe crew uses a Remington 870 with various shot and choke variations.


We started with a simple 2x4 construction sheeted with 1/2' drywall. The results were as we expected. All shot just breezed through. The shot spread was negligible at this range. Unlike many reports.

In doing this review of the review of home defense wall penetration, we again used the Remington 870. In this particular test a system imitating 3 interior walls in in place. Some results here are more conclusive than the prior video.


Just in case you thought we were some sort of sensitive guys, we intimidate some produce. A pumpkin serves as a head for this demonstration. The fun continues. Various shot was used from the same shotgun in previous videos.

Okay, that takes a look at some internal type walls, how about shot exiting via outside walls. This time we set up a faux external wall and check out the "safeness" of various shot shells using the Remington 870 shotgun.


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