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Crosman Phantom Air Rifle Review


Crosman Phantom SightsIn the arena of break barrel air rifles, the Crosman Phantom stands out for low price and value. Enjoyment within the realms of plinking, target shooting or pest control is easily realized. Yes, pest control can be fun. The fiber optic sigthts bump up the ease to quickly acquire the target, and the rear sight has thumb screws for tool-less adjustments.

The safety is within the trigger guard and can be a bit tricky to manipulate depending on one's finger. A stubby, sausage-like appendage might have more difficulty than say, a long lean forefinger.

The Phantom is .177 pellet single shot, and the "kick" from the spring-piston mimics a .22 to some degree.


Phantom Trigger and SafetyWe found the grip to be very good as the result of raised nubs.

Care is necessary when handling the metal parts, such as the barrel. On a humid day, light spotting or rust can occur rapidly. We find it best to do preventative maintenance and oil/treat parts beforehand.


Crosman Phantom Penetration Test and Pellet Velocity

Join us and watch the video for an overview of the Crosman Phantom. We take a quick look at the Crosman Phantom, .177 pellet rifle. A storm is hanging out on the fringes, but we had plenty of sunshine for a review and some sample shots with various ammo. Cabela's hunting pellet, Gamo PBA, and RWS HyperMAX are featured. For some penetration testing, a piece of 7/8" poplar is used. We finish with some crosscuts to expose the pellet path through the wood. For the price, the Crosman Phantom is a deal. This makes for a perfect small game air rifle for the survivalist as well as a fun plinker and target airgun.


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