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Alright, so, where to begin. This page is the result of more folks creating blogs and Websites, and it becomes somewhat difficult to keep track of where everyone is.
By no means will your placement on this page reflect your site or blog importance. Most likely, the order in which links are received is going to be a major factor.
Now, instead of cluttering your favorites folder, you can just come here. As the amount of links increases, categories will form.

What Else?

How do we receive your link? Simple, go to the usframe channel on YouTube and send us a PM. Include the link to site outside of YT, and your YT channel link. Please do not leave links in the comments, as I am old and confused :)
Are there any requirements? Yes, if you are asking to be placed here, you need to be a subscriber to the usframe channel.
Is there a fee? Not at all. The means for money love are readily available on this site, and is greatly appreciated.

It would be fantastic if you would share the link to this site and/or the usframe channel.

Links to Friends, Interesting Sites, Blogs, and Whatever Else Interests Us!

Kicking this off, let's put a fella out there that I can see no one having a problem with his being first.


YouTube's USNERDOC has a great woodworking blog:


Locally, we have a great store, features musical instruments and grills, what a combo!
Fred's Music and BBQ:


These guys, Gun Websites were early favorites of the usframe crew on YouTube,
Hey! send some business our way ;)


This guy is one of our absolute favorites. he is on the list of guys I'd love to sit, break bread, and shoot-the-bull with. MadBadVoodo on YouTube has a blog,


NeverEnuffAmmo over at YouTube has got himself a blog up and running at


Get the Idea?

Obviously, we here at usframe crew have no control nor the desire to control the content on the pages after you click the links.

We take the Constitution seriously, and provide no censorship.