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Some Med Kits, Sunglasses, Great Storytelling, and Ballistics

The order that these appear in have nothing to do with ranking. Some one has to be first, know how it goes. Make sure to visit the Websites, channels, etc. Hopefully, we will have everything linked.



Here is something you don't usually hear us talk about, but what a necessary item for outdoor's activities. Sunglasses. In particular, Oakley sunglasses. Eyespy0099 on YouTube provides much information and detailed reviews on the subject. Oh yeah, there are knife and firearms reviews as well.



Med kits -First Aid Kits

For sure, this next topic might indeed be the most important gear, excluding water. The Med Kit. Details, details, and more details on setting up kits, and how to use them, USNERDOC is top notch. Here is a sample to kick you off. PS, his family and woodworking vids are exceptional. Some shooting, too!



Sometimes, while just hanging out, or while kicking back with a sandwich and a beverage, it's fun to listen to a story. In need of a story? Why not try out MadBadVoodo's Real Life series. This fella is also a fantastic promoter of YouTube channels and his contests reward viewers. Yep, he looks at guns, also. Top notch stuff.



Ballistics Tests

Fredhart over on YouTube runs the "The Gun Geek Channel," and always has something interesting to say or a project to share. He has video featuring firearms,YAY! and a cool Box of Truth vid...


Reloading, finishing, and Common Sense

Here is a fella that really gives a great deal to the firearms community. His knowledge on Mosin-Nagant rifles provided a boost to the performance of the usframe crew's 91/30s. The reloading and firearm refinishing videos are top notch. We thank Iraqveteran8888 for his service and sharing of expertise.


Knives, Multitools, and the National Anthem

The plethora of fantastic channels out there causes one to have anxiety over what/who to feature. Making the choice isn't easy. But, over this past weekend, TheLateBoyScout facilitated the effort. His classic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner completed a wonderful July 4th celebration.


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