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Daniel Boone Homestead Berks County, PA


Located on nearly 600 acres, the Daniel Boone Homestead historical site offers plenty of variety. Hiking, picnicking, fishing, and assorted events.

Daniel Boone HomesteadFor the casual hiker, this is a great environment. Very little in the way of hills, and the terrain is easy.

Some locations on the property require a modest fee. The fee covers viewing some of the historical buildings. Most of the Homestead is free to use and observe.

Daniel Boone HomesteadPicnic areas and lots of parking, yay! Some of the picnic areas are open and others under pavilion.

Daniel Boone HomesteadMake sure to take a walk around the sawmill, and the pond. Very relaxing area, as is most of the Daniel Boone Homestead.

Daniel Boone HomesteadWildlife is abundant, so bring the camera.

Don't forget to visit the usframe channel on YouTube.



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