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Did you ever wake up and think, "hey, I'm gonna make a cartoon today?" And then, you did just that? Could be, it's better if you don't.

Start with some sketches

Everyone likes dragons

Sketches of Max

Hmm, more dragons is better...


Add a 7 pound meatloaf

giant meatloaf

And then somehow, this is what happens?

The good news? that was only 38 seconds!

Episodes of a Thank You to USNERDOC

We take time to thank USNERDOC for sending the usframe crew Dr Pruett's Custom Beeswax Screw Lube. Woodworking is big past-time for us and this is a handy product to have in the shop. Our cartoon character, Boot, makes an appearance.

Easy to follow the plot here. This is the second Episode of, "The Package." Whereby we receive Dr Pruett's Custom Beeswax Screw Lube, and put it to use. Seems the Glock Ninja makes an appearance. Boot reappears as well.

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